Today I'm giving you a little view of the world of me. I'm standing just about in the middle of our yard, and turning as I take the picture. This is a third of the view, but it gives you an idea of where our fun is made.

We have had many fires down in the fire pit, and that means many smores. We even had some barbeque rabbit down there once.

The canyon in the back (with a better view in my header) is where we were hiking in August 2006 when we were nearly caught in a flash flood. I know you wish you could have seen my 8 1/2 month pregnant body scrambling up the wall of the wash. I hear it was quite a sight.

The garden is where we grew many things in 2006 and fewer things in 2007, including corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, butternut squash, onions, zuchinni, and pumpkins.

The tire swing was rigged by Tyler in summer 2006, and has gotten a lot of use since then. The kids even use it sometimes.

Neither of the two white buildings are our home. The one on the left was the original stage stop in these parts over 100 years ago. It's been changed a lot since then, but it's still neat. The other house was a bunkhouse for the ranch workers back when this was a running ranch.

You can also see a fig tree, a pear tree, and a walnut tree in this view, plus many others. The trees are one of the biggest reasons I love this place. They are very rare in this area, and we really enjoyed living around them.

This yard has seen teeth lost, knees (and noses) scraped, and lots of pokies in bare feet. It has seen bike riding, tree climbing, baseball, tennis and soccer playing. It has seen weddings. It has seen sea voyages. It has seen mud pies and mud baths. It has seen chicks grow to roosters and hens, puppies to dogs, kittens to cats, and ducks and pig and goats. It has seen snakes and scorpions and bats and frogs, bobcats and coyotes and mountain lions and deer, hawks and javelina and fish and skunks. It has seen us take on many adventures we'll never forget.


MandaMommy said...

I'm so sad we never made it back there for a visit! We really loved it there.

Katie Richins said...

I'm sad about that, too. There were so many things we didn't do, that we know you guys would have loved. I'm so glad you enjoyed it here.