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Hey peeps -

No sooner had I gotten back my own personal blogging rhythm than my (kind of borrowed unethically from an unknowing wireless neighbor) internet connections ceased to exist. Plus, we're supposed to be moving in about 2 weeks. And we don't know where we are moving to. Plus, also, there are holidays this time of year in case you didn't realize it. So, I've been kind of busy.

But, because I know you miss me and also a little bit want to be just like me, I'd like you to know that I'm doing an ab challenge thing I read about on mormon in manhattan. And since you know me so well and love me so much, you already know I'm a sucker for anyone and anything that involves singing and dancing and pretty much my dream would be to be a star on Broadway. That's just explaining to you the reason I would do a challenge like this at a time like this - because it brings me that much closer to my dream. It really does.

So, if you want to be a pretend Broadway star like me, do -

100 crunches and 10 pushups / day for week 1

200 crunches and 20 pushups / day for week 2

3oo crunches and 30 pushups / day for week 3

350 crunches and 35 pushups / day for week 4

400 crunches and 40 pushups / day for week 5

450 crunches and 45 pushups / day for week 6

500 crunches and 50 pushups / day for week 7

And, also, maybe throw in some jazz hands because that always makes people look, you know, better.
Comment to let me know if you are joining me in this challenge, and I'll write you back with really encouraging and personal words like, "Go, you!" or "You rock!"


Linsey F said...

I would join you in your little challenge, but I still have this random obstruction attached to my mid section that has not decided to leave yet. But I am sure it wouldn't hurt me to attempt the challenge..in a couple months! Good Luck!

Unknown said...

I totally want to do that! Though my secret dream would be to be on Dancing with the Stars! Either way, this is definitely needed for that goal! (since they don't believe in fabric) :D

(I'll also let you in on another secret... shhhh... I bought tae bo) shhh shhhhhhhhh!!! :)
I used to do it back on the VHS, but I don't have one of those so I had to upgrade. shh, I said :D

Real said...
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Real said...

I'm in. And I'll bet you that my abs are going to look WAY more "broadway" than your abs! AND I'll do all those crunches in addition to my jazzercise ab workout WHICH I will be doing at 7am on Thanksgiving morning, no less.

Should we take before and after pictures to compare?

Also, Jazz hands are stupid. But I'll sing broadway songs while I do the pushups.

Have you started? Or are we all starting together?

Katie Richins said...

Linsey - You are excused. I'm finally getting around to this and my former obstruction is 2 already.
And good luck not having the baby Thanksgiving day!

Adriana - Yay! I haven't seen DWTS since the first season, since that was the last time we had TV, but Mads and I LOVED it. And Tae Bo rocks, as do you. I could handle a little kickboxing right about now. See you in a few days!

Real - You are committed. Thanksgiving morning? I'll be thinking of you as I squirt real whipped cream into my mouth.
I shudder to think of actually looking at pictures of my midsection. And, yes, I know you mean clothed. You are a brave soul.
I did already start, and am about to start week 2 tomorrow (THANKSGIVING). I also have some family here in town participating.

And the jazz hands comment? Sarcasm.

Real said...

Well if you are already on week 2, how could you omit to tell us how it's going for you?

Katie Richins said...

It's going well. I haven't been as sore as I'd like to be. Sore = progress, right? But I'm still doing it and getting stronger each time.

sheila said...

could you just send me encouraging words regardless?

Katie Richins said...

Go, Sheila, Go!

Did that work?