He's 2.
(notice the shiner)


He's still happy to fall asleep in daddy's arms

after a long and busy day.

He's learned the word "mine" and is not afraid to use it.

Even when it isn't his.

He reeeeally wants to be big like S.A.M.

This is how he insists on dressing, whenever he can get away with it;

Pajama pants
Shirt with a truck on it
(last, but not least)

Shoes sometimes get worn 20 hours a day.
Yes, he wakes up in the night to make sure I haven't taken them off.
And I have.

He makes this face a lot.

When he sees trucks.
When he hears trucks.
When he sees his truck shirts.
When he is pretending to be a truck.

Every time he makes a truck noise.

He thinks her food and her water
taste better than
his food and his water.

And he's super cute, too.


Unknown said...

can I hug him? :) ADORABLE!
I can't believ that he likes wearing shoes so much! Don't most kids take their shoes off the instant you're not looking?

Martie said...

Happy, happy birthday, sweet, sweet, sweet, freckle-faced boy! We love you SO much!!!

Love, Aunt Martie and lotsa cuzzins

Martie said...

Harper wants to wear shoes to bed also. Must run in the family. COOT!


Martie said...

Can I just say that I think your children are SO gorgeous!?!!!

Branden & Jamie said...

So cute!! I love this entry! I'm so glad I get to say he's my nephew! Oh, so adorable! Speaking of kids, did Garret call and tell you what he's having? Pretty exciting. Let's just say being the only girl in a family of six boys, I'm still unique!
And ps- we didn't end up going on the camping trip.
Hopefully next time we'll be able to and you guys will be able to come too!
Love you lots!

Tim and Mandi said...

I love your blog! I found it on Jamie's and just invited myself in...I hope you don't mind. You are such a great writer and of course as I already know from church your children are adorable!

Mandi Cook

Katie Richins said...

Adriana - we'll be seeing you next week when we come up, right?

Martie - You're so sweet. How funny that the cousins have that in common!

Jamie - Yeah, next time. I hope we can do it soon!

Mandi - Hi! It's nice to see you here! Of course, I'm always happy to have more people stop by. And you looked great yesterday. I loved the dress, but didn't have a chance to tell you!

Martie said...

Miss M, you know the red and pink shirt you are wearing in the pictures of your baby brother? Well, Delany is so, so excited because she has the same one! Maybe she will wear it today and we can take pictures to show you.

Delany misses you so much. When will we see each other again???


Aunt Martie