It's Thanksgiving in just a couple of hours.

We are visiting with my side of our family this week. We are all in one big house, cooking and eating and cleaning, playing and laughing and singing. And yes, there is even a bit of crying. There are cousins. Oh, my, there are cousins. Cousins of so many ages and sizes. You couldn't ask for more fun.

Speaking of fun, there have been a few fun happenings. That's what happens when 28 people are under one roof, and more on their way.

Go visit my sister-in-law, and she'll fill you in on some of it.


Real said...

Is it just me? Or does the tree in your header look like a smiling chimp with sunglasses on?

Katie Richins said...

Um, yeah, I'm pretty sure it's just you. Crazy-head.