This is BarredRockRooster. That's what he is. That's also his name. You just say it fast like it's one word.

Actually, BarredRockRooster is dead. Yep, sad news. Sometimes things like this happen on a farm.

He was my favorite. Just look at him! So beautiful!

Even though he was a pretty guy, he didn't act like it. At least, not to us. He was the boss of the barnyard, that one.

He really ruled the roost.

Now the roost is ruled by Cowboy and his posse.

The difference between
BarredRockRooster and Cowboy?

BarredRockRooster knew how to treat the ladies.

Cowboy is still a little rough around the edges, if you know what I mean.


Real said...

So what do you do out in the middle of nowhere with a dead rooster? I'm hoping there was someone with a Y chromosome around to take care of it?

Katie Richins said...

There was someone with 4 legs and a tail to take care of it. It was his fault in the first place, unfortunately.