about me

I'm Katie.  I'm a mom of 5 kids, a daughter and 4 sons.  My husband is Tyler.

We live in an old house in a small rural Arizona town.  We love it here.  We also miss the city.  Especially the food - turns out you can't get any Indian food when your town only has one stop light.

Me?  I spend my time with my husband and my kids.  Being a mom who is present is most important to me.  I love to snap a few pictures here and there, but I have no clue what I'm doing, so they're mostly blurry.  They help me remember to spot the beauty in my life.  I love the sunshine, the feel of it on my skin.  I home school my kids.  Sometimes.  I like having them around.  I love music and art and dance and nature.  All the lovely little things.

I try to keep track of them here.

Other things you might want to know -

We are LDS.
My son James has hydrocephalus.

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