You'll never guess what happened here today.

Hint 1: There were two brides.

Hint 2: There was one reluctant groom.

Hint 3: Lots of Play-Doh was involved.

Mademoiselle was the wedding planner. She got me all dolled up so I could trot around in the muckity-muck in heels and a veil, just to marry my son, who was not excited about his future with the likes of me. I have a very vivid imagination, so it was no trouble to pretend there wasn't a constant stream of construction workers driving by in tractors, water trucks, and dump trucks.

After the ceremony, we had a quick reception. Mademoiselle presented the happy couple with an 8 inch cake made entirely of Play-Doh. Before my plate was even empty, I was told my special day was over. It was her turn.

Can you see the flaw in her plans from there?

S.A.M. was done. He had "alweddy" wedded (see how that works?)his mother, and that was enough for him. He's a man who knows his limits.

To soften the blow, I made a Play-Doh cake for Mademoiselle.

Then she dressed up, and posed for her bridals.

I think she still thought the groom might change his mind at the last minute.


MandaMommy said...

That is too cute and funny! I love the photojournal approach you take. It makes the stories so much more real to us, hundreds of miles away. :o)

Katie Richins said...

If only I could take pictures like you guys!! Every one is a keepsake!

MandaMommy said...

I've recently resorted to taking pictures with the flash, because Chub does things that are just so cute that I have to catch them (i.e. the Super Chub picture). Don't expect to see any of those on Peter's blog though...

Anonymous said...

Cute. Mademoiselle makes a breathtaking bride.

Katie Richins said...

Emily -

Nice to see you! One thing that girl LOVES is posing for pictures!

Anonymous said...

Little Mama, I couldn't tell at first if that was you or your oldest daughter in the top picture! Holy WOW! WHat fun! Her imagination reminds me of Cam's. That's super-great!


Katie Richins said...

Really? How funny!!