"Fuzzy blankets!," I exclaimed.

"Fuzzy blankets!"

His looked at me with a blank stare over the top of his book.

"I just tucked all the kids in with an EXTRA blanket! It's cold. CAN-YOU-EVEN-BELIEVE-IT'S-ACTUALLY-COLD?!"

And within minutes I cast my own book aside and decided it was time to nestle in bed with my own fuzzy blanket to keep me cozy.

-The fuzzy blanket that was S.A.M.'s first blanket when he started sleeping in a big boy bed.

-The fuzzy blanket that somehow ended up at my house even though we gave it to my parents for Christmas 7 years ago.

-The fuzzy blanket that my Nana used to drape over her legs those last few years as she watched her soaps.

-The fuzzy blanket that was given to our family by our branch on the Hualapai Reservation as we moved away.

-The fuzzy blankets thoughtfully made and given to us as Secret Santa gifts a few years ago by some loving cousins and a loving aunt.

-The fuzzy blanket covered with hot pink cats that Mademoiselle and I battled over in the bedding aisle of Ross 4 years ago because she thought it was so fancy, and I thought it was so funky, but not in a good way.

And the memories warm me from the inside out.


Martie said...

Mmmm... if you gotta be cold, you gotta have a load of good, fuzzy blankets!

Said a gal from one of the coldest states in the US.



Glad you're really back.

MandaMommy said...

I love it! We need our blankets for getting cozy now, too, even during the day. (It's really not THAT cold, but I've been freezing! Even Peter admits the house has been a little chilly...)

Real said...

We had to turn our heat on because on Sunday it was a high of 31 with 3 inches of snow. And yet our linen closet cupboards are bare because somehow our big boys have hijacked every single spare blanket we have into their room to build forts with and sleep on (to make a soft mattress since they are not sleeping in their beds, for some reason!) Wiyah, Baboo and Pinkleberry are all sharing ONE blanket. But I think that's because their room is the laundry back hole....

Anyway, I have wished we had some blankets around here.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

First off, awesome to read up on your homeschooling. I homeschooled until college, and couldn't identify myself without that component.

Second, as the photographer for this picture, i'm honored you like it enough to use it.

However, i'd really appreciate it if you cited me as the source. Link to the page, something simple, however you want to do it.



Katie Richins said...

Sorry about that, Josh. I had you cited, then had an issue with the photo placement, and erased the info with the photo.

Anonymous said...

It's no problem. I sincerely appreciate you adding it back.