rainy day

We've had a lot of rainy days recently.  The clouds keep building, the lightning crashes, and the water pours down, soaking everything around.  Our area is bright green, our yard is lush, our garden grows right in front of our eyes.

The kids love to stick their heads and hands in the gutter water.  They love to let it all soak into them, until the booms shake and rattle them, and they come running inside, excited and scared.

When I was growing up, I only wanted a few things in a home.  I desperately wanted green grass and trees, a two or more story house, and to live in a neighborhood.  We've got two out of three here, and I think all the time how grateful I am for it all.

I love our home!

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Martie said...

Beautiful!!! I love, love that cute, chubby little hand!