first week of school

I'm not sure what it is about little boys and frog smiles, but they are adorable and I love them.

So.  Phew.  We've almost survived our first week of the new school year.

It's been...intense.  So much so that I've landed myself with a super, full-on, laid out flat sickness.  Which, as you might guess, is only helping ease the business.  Right?  Wrong.

 Monday, when everyone came home, only 1/3 of the kids had a good day.  I thought for sure we were in for some rough things, but fortunately day was better.  Now the kids are working on adjusting and settling in, instead of just being kind of in shock.  We've changed Madelin's class schedule once, and may do it again this next week to have her where she needs to be.  Sam is getting used to a new teacher, and his teacher is getting used to a new town and school, but so far it's going well.  Ben loves his teacher, but is having some growing pains getting used to the big expectations that first graders have.

Their days start around 6, they are at school between 7:15 and 7:30, and they aren't done and home until 4 or so.  And then there's homework and soccer practice and dinner and family time?  Except, Mads is a big 6th grader now, so she's often doing homework straight until she goes to bed, somewhere between 8 and 9, when I tell her to stop and sleep, and that we'll try again tomorrow.  And, in case you noticed, that is pretty much why there still isn't a picture of her taken after 4 days of school.  Oh well!

I have to say, I feel like the biggest failure of a mom every single day.  Each of my kids has something big that they are struggling with right now.  And how can I possibly give them each the extra help they need, to the degree they need it?  I'm doing something, which is better than nothing, but still, it doesn't seem like enough.  And, I totally know parents let their kids just be responsible for themselves and all that, but each of these kids really NEED this help.

Which, really, if I focus on it much, makes me feel worse, because somehow with all my idealism and dedication and high hopes, I've botched some big things.  But, let's just not talk about it.

Also, I miss those stinkin' kiddos.  I don't love the rush and race and fast pace of our mornings and evenings.  It'll ease up in 6 weeks with the end of soccer season.  And by the way, did I mention that I'm coaching this year?  I'm coaching.  Weird.  We have our second practice today, but our first was on Tuesday, and it was so fun!!  I loved it.  We had fun!  Kids are awesome.  And I love soccer.  Also, I love AYSO.  I think it's run pretty stinkin' well, and stands for some great things.

So, I guess this is the end of my kind of feverish monologue.  My heart is racing just sitting here, so I better go lie down, because whether I'm ready or not, the afternoon and it's many demands will come!

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Martie said...

“Any task in life is easier if we approach it with the one at a time attitude. ... To cite a whimsical saying; 'If you chase two rabbits, both of them will escape.' No one is adequate to do everything all at once. We have to select what is important, what is possible, and begin where we are, with what we have. And if we beginand if we keep going the weight, the worry, the doubt, the depression will begin to lift .... We can't do everything always, but we can do something now, and doing something will help to lift the weight and lessen the worry, 'The beginning,' said Plato, 'is the most important part.”
― Richard L. Evans

You are loved!!