rodeo, July 2013

We've been having monthly rodeos ever since this one way back in April.  If you remember, Madelin is now horseback riding at a friends' families house.  She's participating in this great therapy the dad offers, called Courageous Rides.  And, straight truth, I don't think anything has been as great for her in the last few years as getting to ride that spunky horse up there.  Those two are well suited for each other, and Madelin loves every single minute she gets by her side and on her back.

As you can see, she's come pretty far from just starting to use reigns and sometimes riding around solo.  She has been fearless from the beginning, doesn't have a moments' pause, and loves going fast, as fast as possible, more than anything.

Like I said, Geisha is a spunky girl.  She likes to get away with what ever she can, but Madelin is learning to stay on top of it all and keep her in line.  Here she is getting Geisha's attention.  See that left ear up there, turning back to listen to Mads?  That's great.

The other boys get to ride on these special rodeo days, and they love it, too.  James has gotten more and more brave, Sam loves it, but Ben cannot get enough.  He hops on a horse every chance he gets.  Here, the sweet little owner of this pony is 'side-walking' next to Ben to help him out.  So responsible!

Here, Geisha kept walking right up to me, with Lewis on my lap, and Madelin wanted her to stop.  So, she got her attention and backed her right up - not a simple move!  Look at that concentration.

Madelin has so much to learn, but also she's learned so much.  Also, can I sound like a proud mom for a second  and say how fun it is that she's kind of a natural at all this?  I love watching her ride!  I love the hard work, and discipline and patience it requires.  And I love the thrill and confidence it gives her.

Here are a few more photos, below, in case you are interested.  I left out all the photos with kids that aren't my own.


Peg Lewis said...

She looks great up there! Look at what she's doing with her legs! A real natural - except she looks so little compared to that big naughty horse! How often does she get to go? What does she think about it? MORE!

I also love the photo of the 4 boys. Esp that chunky dude with the hat at the end.

Martie said...

Hey! Ben is on the littlehorseontheblogspot!

Martie said...

I'm trying to be patient, but... HURRY UP AND POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martie said...

Excited to see back-to-school pics!