Here's a little peak into a trip we took a couple of weeks ago while trying to decide where we are going to live. We didn't figure out much. But we really should. You know, since Tyler starts his new/old job in 5 days.

Please look for the following:

- Mademoiselle beating S.A.M. with a water bottle.

- S.A.M. picking his nose more than once.

- Benefactor drinking water and spitting it everywhere.

And, as a bonus, because I love you and want you to cry like I did, here is a movie Mademoiselle made for Tyler when he was out of town for 36 hours. She couldn't stand it.

P.S. How are all you ab-challengers? How many crunches are you doing? And how are you feeling? I'm doing 200/day, and feeling stronger, but not much else, except maybe some loosening of the belly chub, which kind of just makes it look worse. It's a process. Plus, does anyone else want to join us? Even some of you who don't comment usually? That'd be great encouragement to me!


Unknown said...

1. I am so grateful for technology... I love that we get to record these moments of our little ones that are so fleeting :)
2. Katie, you amaze me! I would really like for you to show me how you did those videos :) very smart lady!
3. I loved the picture of the boys sleeping in the backseat :)
4. I am glad that I have spent more time with your kiddos, because it made watching the video all that more fun!
5. Did Tyler cry? that was so sweet! she amazes me, too :)
6. I think that will forever be one of my fav shots (the one where she's mad) :D it just makes me laugh lol
7. did Tyler ever catch her? I thought that would be the final shot...

ps. I started the regimen on Mon. and going strong! :) I am feeling soreness... but I am loving it! :D

Real said...

I can't seem to remember to do the ab thing. So I've convinced myself to start after teh holidays. I'm not really sure what that means...

sheila said...

so I did start the ab challenge but never got to it yesterday. It was cake day. I spent my entire day making a chocolate cake and chocolate ganache. Then I made a special peppermint icing that I had to stand over the stove for 10 minutes and whisk. So my arm got a workout.
Cake class was fun I rolled fondant!

I am just starting at 100 and 10 but I told DJ and my sis...maybe I can get DJ to do it too. hmmm

I am now going to look at the picture and watch fancy Nancy.oh I mean Mad's little video.

Suzy Farar said...

Hey Katie,

Best of luck with everything! Do you know where you are going yet? Merry Christmas!

Martie said...

Do you guys have any news yet? Demi cried when she heard you were leaving. :O(

Martie said...

Hi! I just wanted to wish you guys a very happy holiday. Merry Christmas! Have fun and laugh a lot!

Thank you very much for the exciting present! :O)



Martie said...

I hope you guys are doing OK. Are you still in the big city, or have you moved?


Martie said...

and I didn't even remember giving her permission to drop off of the face of the earth.

Martie said...

For those of you who are Katie stalkers like I am, and keep checking in, I heard yesterday from my oldest son that Katie and family have moved across their state of residence. At least for now, they do not have internet service. I don't know when and if that will change. I will let you know if I hear more.

Martie-- Katie's sister.