where we lived - Anacortes, WA

We've moved so many times, and I don't want to start forgetting, my memory being as poor as it is, about the many different places we've lived.  I'm going to write about each of them briefly so that even if they don't stick in my mind, they will still be remembered somewhere.

When Tyler came to the end of his bachelors, we were restless and ready for change.  Big change.  We looked at some great houses in central Tucson and thought of fix-ups and repairs, but we wanted adventure.  We moved to an island in Washington where my parents' lived part time.  We hoped to find a good job for Tyler, settle in a great little house and have a tiny farm, or at the very least an amazing garden.

We moved our family of four when Madelin was almost 3 and Sam was 4 months old, into my parents' travel trailer, parked in an RV park.  Our first night there, I had a panic attack.  For real.
The next couple of months were kind of chaos.  We couldn't find a place to live, plus some other plans fell out from under us in a big way.  Tyler found a job selling cars and started to make money, but there was no prospect of finding anything at all that he was interested in, that related to his degree.  We loved the surrounding farms and beaches and small towns - we had a great time exploring and dreaming.  We hiked and fished a lot - anything to get outside, even if it was raining.  And it always was.

One day we found a beat up old farm house on 20 acres.  It wasn't perfect by any means, and it was near some railroad tracks and in a flood plain, to boot.  But, oh, we wanted it.  It was rural, and it was green and lush and beautiful.  But we were stuck.

In the end, we realized we had to move back 'home'.  We were out of money, so we headed back to Tucson, broke and heartbroken.  Completely disappointed and wondering what would come next.  Until we got our feet back under us, we were living in my parents' house.

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Martie said...

That's hard when the fulfillment of a dream is just out of reach. I'm glad you now have property to play and garden and explore on!