lewis at 15 months (and a half)

This chunky little monkey is just loads of fun.  He loves being outside.  LOVES it.  He works so hard, pushing tonka trucks with loads of dirt or toys or whatever from one part of the yard to another.  But, sad thing, he burns so easily, even with sunblock.  He wears a hat of Tyler's around the yard all the time, and that helps a lot, but I'm always telling him to put his hat back on, and he does!  So cute.

When he wakes up in the morning it's with a growl.  He talks in the funniest voices sometimes, but every morning to get going, it's loud, growly voice - so funny!

His hair is so wild these days, but I don't want to cut those blonde curls!  When he's fresh out of a bath, or hasn't been wearing his hat, his curls are tight around the back of his head.  I love 'em.

He loves Madelin, and will go to her almost any time. She is so great with him, loves to take care of him and play with him, and gives him love.

All in all, he's a mellow little fellow.  Pretty tough, loves to swing, dances and plays the piano like a champ, talks up a storm (but it's all about rhythm and tone, and less about words for him), signs a bit, loves to scribble on paper and walls and everything around, and we love every cute second with him.

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Martie said...

I love sibling love. I'm glad her and Madelin have each other. All of our kiddos who paired off back in the day STILL pair off. It's pretty amazing and sweet.

You had curls too when we washed your hair, but you were not as light-haired as Lewis, and you outgrew you curls before too long. I love that each of us has had a blondie!

The pictures are so much fun. I love you, baby Yewis!!!! You surely are a chunky monkey!!!