Mission : Impossible - tie dye tees - the results!

 This morning I brought the shirts in and rinsed them in the sink until the water ran clear.  Let me tell you, THAT was a long little job!  By far the most time-consuming part of this project!  And maybe on a different day I would have let the kids do that part, but we had a pretty full morning lined up, and I just needed to get 'em done while they went about their normal morning routine.

After that, I threw them in the washer for a normal cycle, then the dryer.  By the time we got done with our morning adventures, they were all ready to wear!

Sam loves his!  And, by the way, please freeze my kids in time for a little while.  Please!  Because seriously, he is getting so big, and I love it and I hate it all at once.

You can't see Madi's shirt well in this picture, but it's diagonal blue and green stripes and looks super great!  Lewis' shirt matches, but his greenish stripe is along the chest.  These are two peas in a pod - I love how they love each other!

James wanted lots of yellow, and racing stripes down the side in orange, and that's what he got!  Dang!  I better get some pictures that actually show the shirts better, huh?

Here's Ben with his blue whirlpool in the middle, and two tornadoes on the sleeves.  He's happy!

All of them wrangle together with their fun neighbor friend who had to run right inside and change in to HIS tie-dye shirt once he saw we were taking pictures.  The kids all adore him, and even though he's a big 8 year old, James calls him his best friend.  Isn't that cute?

James.  What a kid.  They were playing in this shallow irrigation ditch, but he wants to make sure he's safe, so he ran a grabbed a life jacket from our shed and put it on himself.  Love it.

What did I tell you?  Pure sweetness.

He's gotta be thinking about something important, don't you think?  Oh the way that kids' brain works - I wish I could jump inside of it for a day.

All in all, they look pretty happy with the shirts they created, don't they?  And these shirts, I'm sure, will get lots of use over the summer.  Here's hoping I don't get too sick of seeing them!

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Anonymous said...

Yippee!! I couldn't wait to see them all day. They turned out great! Let me know if you have any tips. We will be doing this in two weeks. I agree that Sam looks big, big. I love the pictures! Such sweetness. I'm glad Madelin and Lewis are buddies!

Martie said...

Um, that was me, Martie.