This morning I had to kick S.A.M. out of my room. He kept jumping on the bed (with dirty already-been-outside-in-the-mud-in-my-bare-feet) and just wouldn't stop. He went straight to his room, where he found his dad getting ready for the day (because that's where the bathroom is) and told him to get out of his room.

Silly kid.

Tyler informed S.A.M that it wasn't his room, that it was really owned by Tyler and he just let S.A.M. use it. S.A.M. didn't agree, so Tyler explained, "I'm the king, and you, you are my jester."



Real said...

Are you going to do that whole one post a week thing? Cause I'm totally not feelin' it. I think you need to kick your blogging butt in gear and step it up a notch.

Martie said...

I'm with Real. Your loyal readers are here and we're not afraid to beg. PUH-LEASE??????????????????