Here's the run down of our Memorial Day festivities.

Tyler patrolled all day. Just like all weekend.

We stayed home. It was an eventful day that included me accidentally forgetting to feed a child breakfast before he went over to a neighbors' house to play, some throwing up from Benefactor, and some pyromania from S.A.M. Not my best day ever, but, then again, not my worst, either.

To make up for it all, and end on a good note, after dinner we headed to the park for some quick play time. Now we are back home, and this very minute, if you were to stop by, you would find Mademoiselle and S.A.M. in their jammas, out in the dark, on the muddy lawn, searching for nightcrawlers with their ever-fun dad.

The day is now fully redeemed.


Linsey F said...

All is well that ends well! Any luck with the camera? We Need Pictures!! :)

Martie said...

Just wait until you have another cute little boy to add to the pack!

Those things happen, lady. You're a fabulous mom.

cfarar said...

I just checked my blog and realized that you had responded with the spelling of their names. I will correct my spelling of your daughters name and get those pictures to you. If they aren't like you want just let me know and I can fix them.

Unknown said...

Katie. must. stop.
you are convincing me to up and move to the country :) wait... that can't happen for at least four more years :)

Katie Richins said...

No luck with finding the cord. I'm going crazy! I'm pretty organized, but packing the house in 2 days before we moved really messed me up!

Adriana, it's way worth the wait. Just think, in 4 more years, Thomas will be just a little older than Mademoiselle is now! ;)