What should I tell you about today?

About washing the sheets and taking them toasty warm out of the dryer? Catching Benefactor outside the fence wanting to cross the street to visit a horse? About the mountain of dishes that built up over the weekend that are almost all done? The kids playing chef outside with a butter knife and some green onions/grass? About our one night camping trip in a most idyllic spot? About how we used our pellet stove to heat up the house yesterday, and it was the last day of May? About finally buying a lawn-mower last Wednesday, and using it, only to have a very shaggy yard less than a week later? That the only thing more fun that watching your kids burn off after-church energy by chasing each others in circles and giggling like mad is probably being one of the kids, running in circles, and giggling like mad?

You tell me. I really can't decide.


Unknown said...

So where is this magical spot? I am dying to go camping, but it's so hard to get it planned!

Thanks for the wonderful description of your weekend (it's like I had a glimspe in a small window) :)

Peg Lewis said...

I think it would have been just a tiny amount more fun to hang the sheets out to dry and bring them in smelling like sheets that have dried outside, which is really very wonderful.

Did Benefactor get to say hi to the horse?

How much lawn do you have?

How did the onion pie turn out?

Did you actually not have visitors?

Real said...

Sometimes it's painful to see such a great example of what motherhood is and realize how far I have to go to get there still. Everything sounds sweet. sigh...

Martie said...

You're such a good mommy. I pray every day that you will find your camera cable so we can see! We miss seeing all of you.



Katie Richins said...

Adriana - The West Fork of the Black River is where we went. Not too many campers, beautiful pines, river to fish, meadows with wildflowers and butterflies, campfires in the evening. Garret and family came with us. So awesome.

Peg/mom - I love hanging things out to dry, but it's not too practical in the rain, which we've had almost every day for 2 weeks.

Other q's - no, lots, pretty, and yes we did.

Andrya - seriously,I don't get that coming from you at all. You are one of my prime examples of motherhood - the way you talk to your kids and accept their individuality, among many other things.

Martie - I pray for it, too. It's driving me so crazy and makes me cry not taking pictures!