back to school shopping - shoe bargains for boys and girls

One thing my kids grow out of in about 2 seconds is shoes.  And, while we try to make use of hand-me-downs happily when we can, there are only so many kids who can wear a pair of shoes before they are just plain worn out.  Sometimes they make it through a few of the kids, sometimes, only one.  And, like I mentioned on the backpack post, we live on a pretty strict budget, so when the time comes to buy new shoes for a kid, you can bet I'm going to get them for as little money as I can, while still trying to not sacrifice on style.

Here are my picks, headed into the school year.


These at H&M - $12.95 and a variety of color options.

These and these at Old Navy - $10 - $12 and a variety of color and print options.

All of these, these , these, these, and these at Target. Prices range from $9.98- $14.99


These at Old Navy.  $12.

These, again, at H&M - &12.95.  And these.

And, at Target, these, these, these, these, these, and these.  Between $12.99 and $14.99.

Nope, no compensation for this post.  Just sharing some finds I liked!

I hope you find this helpful!


Janalee said...

Do you do all your shopping online?

I've noticed even the good brand shoes (nike, reebok) seem to fall apart after about 6 mos of wear. Maybe rotation is the key? a good pair, with a target brand? But that means 10x more shoes to trip over, lose, get frantic over.

Katie Richins said...

Janalee - I DO do most of our shopping online. Do do. Ha!

I totally agree with the more shoes to trip over part. I'd love to keep them all down to one or 2 pairs each, but somehow they end up needing more - church shoes, tennis shoes, sports shoes, flip flops, snow boots, etc.

I can't keep up with it all!

Martie said...

Nicely done! Do you have an H&M? I assume you cannot shop their online store...