back to school shopping - backpack bargains for boys and girls

As much as I hate to admit it, we are only a few weeks out from school starting for the fall, and this relatively carefree summer coming to an end.  I don't love the thought!  But, planner that I am, I'm already scheduling our school days, planning for fun traditions, and, of course, shopping.

We're on a pretty tight budget, so it many areas we'll be making do with what we already have.  Even so, there are some items that are just plain needed, and getting the best bargain I can find is necessary.

Today, I'm sharing with you a few good backpack deals I found, in case it's useful to you in any way.


This backpack seems lightweight, and somewhat less sturdy quality, according to reviews.  But, it's cute, simple, comes in 3 colors, and for a kinder or first grader is a great option, I think.  At $10.99, I call this a great buy.

Then there's this canvas backpack with leather straps.  Love!  Great for older girls who aren't feeling the bright pinks and purples they used to love.  $8.79 and I wish I saw this last week for Madelin!  It also comes in Beige.

Madelin loved this one, but opted for a tote instead.  I love the modern 'tribal' black and white pattern on it - very trendy!  Another decent buy with other colors and styles ranging from $20-$25.

You'll find other fun and reasonable options here, here, here, and here.


Like the first backpack above, this backpack is simple, comes in a variety of colors, and is super affordable at $8.95.

I love the sporty look of this one, and think any of my boys would be happy with it. Plus, the side pockets for water bottles are always a plus to me! $9.00!
And this one, while a similar style, seems more sturdy and comes in colors that even a teen would be comfortable using.  $15.99!

Again, more reasonable and fun options here, here, here, here.

I hope these backpack bargains are helpful to you!  And, no, I don't get any compensation from - I've just found them to be the most consistent source of bargains for me.  Don't forget to pay attention to shipping prices - it's easy to have a good bargain go bad my paying too much for shipping!


Rynda said...

Great ideas! We love these cute backpacks! Thanks for sharing! Madi is looking at them with us!!

Katie Richins said...

Thanks, Rynda!

Martie said...

Very nice!