sunday evening - irrigation is coming

We had about 20 minutes until our turn irrigating, we had everything ready, and the weather was beautiful - warm, breezy, quiet.  Lewis played in the mud, then climbed up next to dad for a little rest, then back to work in the mine.  (that's what he does everyday.  his 9-5.  you know.)

 He thought he had his truck loaded.  Rocks.  Balls.  Then Sam came along.

Mads just pelted and teased and poked at her brothers.  What's a big sister to do?

James made paths for the water to flow into, quietly, just doing his own thing.

And Ben slept peacefully on my bed for a good little nap.

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Martie said...

Wait! Madelin wears glasses??? And man, she is looking grown up. So... is Lewis a moose or what? Because he is totally hauling Sam across the yard like it's just what a baby does. I love all the pictures. Don't ever stop!