grandparents in greer

 Tyler's parents came for a quick visit.  We got in some great fun, but the best part of the weekend had to be the hours we spend at this little stream near Greer.  See that chubby blonde up there?  He ended up in the water within about a minute of us getting there, and stayed happily just like that until his chin was shivering too much from the icy water.

Then he headed up this little rivulet to see what the older ones were up to.

Summer here is p e r f e c t.

James wasn't too much further on the path up the water, exploring everything as he went along.

Madi loves the mud.  Sometimes she pretends she doesn't, but she ends up in the thick of it every single time.  Tyler did a little fishing, got a few bites, but didn't catch anything.

They caught a garter snake - Lewis' first snake!  I think he's probably older than any of our other kids have been before they met their first snake.  (Tyler is a snake lover.  That's an understatement.)

I was worried Ben was going to love that thing to death.  At one point, he was so enamored with the idea of seeing a snake swim that I thought that poor little guy would drown.  Don't worry - he got released right back in his home where we found him about one minute after that incident.

Gram dug up a worm or two for Tyler to use for fishing - she was mighty proud!

James carried the worms and some grubs around on this bark for awhile.  Here he is, telling me all about them.  Again.

Oh, poor chilly baby is just about done with all this fun.  Time for some mom-love, a little popcorn, a little nursing, a little water, and...

a little fishing.  He caught a tree!
And there's Gram 'rearranging the furniture.'  She cracks me up.

Gram went with the kids to cross the stream - what a good sport!  There they are on the opposite bank celebrating their accomplishment. 

We love having family visit, and it's so fun to share these times and memories with Gram and Papa!  Thanks for coming, and come back SOON!


Martie said...

Could the photos be any happier? And could a place be any more beautiful? I LOVE the pics, sister! I love the chubby baby booty too! Hahaha! It looks like one of those perfect days. Thanks for sharing!

Real said...

I'm always jealous of your escapades in the water (Peter and Amanda's too). It seems like wherever we go around here there are always signs posted saying DON'T PLAY IN THE WATER because it's part of the watershed and goes for drinking. So you can look, but that's it.

Melissa said...

So fun! I love where we live!

trogonpete said...

I want to make a whole book of little-kids-sitting-on-the-edge-of-the-world-and-looking-out images, like the first one. Love it.

Katie Richins said...

Marti - It was awesome. I love these days!

Real - I think that's so weird. I mean, like the deer and squirrels and whatever will stop peeing or pooping in the water, or dying near the water, just because it's for drinking. What damage are you going to do just playing in it? Surely they filter it, right?

Melissa - ME TOO! I love it.

Pete - I would buy that book. Nothing better!!