Mission : Impossible - Update!

We're a couple weeks into summer and let me tell you - I wish every single day could be like this.  That's how much I'm loving these long, hard-working, hard-playing summer days.  I wake up excited for what we have ahead of us, and go to bed so bone tired I can't even think straight.  It's good stuff.

The kids are loving our Mission : Impossible theme.  I keep it all a secret from them until the time of day when we  are ready for our activity, and then I announce to the kids, " Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ..."  And every single time they are ecstatic, excited, and dive right into it.  Below I'll highlight the activities we've already done, and give a little recap of how they went.  For the full original list, see here.

1 - A glow-in-the-dark summer kick-off dance party - I wanted to do this early on in the summer, before the nights got too late, but we haven't done it yet.  I was feeling sick the night we were going to do it.  Oh well!  Maybe we will, maybe we won't.  We'll see.
2 - Tie-dye t-shirts (to be worn throughout the summer for various activities) - It was fun!  More hands on for me, and less for them, over all, but a big success.  The shirts have (obviously, if you regularly read the blog) gotten a LOT of use since then.  They love 'em!
3 - Sign up for the library's summer reading program and start our summer reading poster * - We started the library's summer reading program today.  It's great for the preschoolers and the independent readers, but Ben is right between those, and kept himself busy looking for books to check out instead of participating in either group.  If I had more time or arms I'd love to start a group for 6-8 year olds.  And our poster?  We simple put 'Summer Reading' at the top of a bright poster, and stick a sticker on for each book we read.  And big stickers for each chapter book read.  We are hoping to cover the entire poster!  
4 - Plant flowers in the front yard
5 - Build mini-marshmallow and toothpick buildings - We did this today, and it was loads of fun.  Post coming soon!
6 - Make a zipline course for toy 'guys' (action figures) outside -  This was awesome!  Post here.
7 - Plant the vegetable garden - Such a great afternoon.  We've since added some peppers and herbs and will be putting the rhubarb in today or tomorrow.  Check it out.
8 - Play the string and donut game *
9 - Make paper and straw rockets *
10 - Go to the Colorado River walk and play in the water under the bridge - Awesome morning.  Again, post a-comin'!  We'll be doing this a few more times, for sure.
11 - Learn about cup-stacking and have cup-stacking races
12 - Go on a long family bike ride
13 - Create a secret code and write letters to some cousins in the code
14 - Spend the morning in Greer (nearby small town with streams and lakes), bring a picnic
15 - Card board construction set buildings
16 - Make cookies and take to someone
17 - Lego Challenge #1 *
18 - Basketball at the park
19 - Origami
20 - Camp in the backyard
21 - Write letters and draw pictures to send to grandparents
22 - Sidewalk chalk maze for toy cars
23 - Swim at Becker Lake
24 - Harry Potter Day *
25 - Invite a family for a BBQ
26 - Make "tribal" can drums *
27 - Scooter ride and walk
28 - Art project - Drawings to submit to county fair
29 - Mystery service project - "see a need, fill a need"
30 - Make popsicle stick harmonicas *
31 - Play twister in the sprinkler
33 - Spend the morning at Sipe Wildlife Area
34 - Lego Challenge #2 *
35 - Make frozen yogurt in the ice cream maker *
36 - Play soccer around the yard
37 - Make a poster of "listening, loving, seeing..etc."
38 - Relay races! *
39 - Write a run-on story (one sentence per person, take turns)
40 - Paint a self portrait
41 - Build a boat to float in the ditch
42 - Play freeze dance
43 - Go on a walk somewhere new
44 - Make cup and balloon marshmallow shooters and have a war
45 - Play soccer at the school
46 - Lego Challenge #3 *
47 - Go fishing
48 - Make slime
49 - Heart attack someone's house
50 - Star Wars Day *
51 - Sidewalk chalk - fill one sidewalk square each and then take a 'tour' of the exhibits
52 - Play jugball catch *
53 - Art Project for the county fair - painting
54 - Take an ABC photo tour of the town *
55 - Make paper bag puppets and have a show
56 - Colored ice paintings on a big paper outside
57 - Lego Challenge #4 *


Martie said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful, happy summer. Keep having fun AND sharing the details! I love it.

Real said...

That bottom right photo looks SO MUCH like you when you were younger. In fact, it seems like that could possibly BE you when you were younger, holding a little nephew...