sheep's crossing, worms, and cousins

Tyler's younger brother and his family came for a weekend camping trip.  We had some big plans, but some of the little ones started to get sick, so instead of camping, we stayed at home at night and took some day trips.  Saturday morning we were all well, and went together to spend the morning in and around the water at Sheep's Crossing.

That water!  It was painfully cold!  Like, intensely freezing.  Some of us got used to it and played for awhile, and some of us touched it as little as possible.

There was some stream fishing happening.  Tyler's such a good dad - he spends pretty much ever second of these trips helping bait and attach lures and untangle knots in fishing line and stuff like that.

Funny story, though. See that square bucket of dirt and worms?  He kept it in the fridge overnight.  When we got home after this day trip, I went into the fridge to get the ingredients for dinner out, and there were worms.  Everywhere!  Like, even in the bag of tomatoes!  He left the lid of  the bucket open a crack so they'd have air overnight, but some of them got a pretty good adventure in, too.

Back to the creek -

After running around and exploring and fishing, we sat down for a picnic snack and to warm up.  I don't know what everyone else was shivering about!  I was toasty warm the whole time!  (winksmile)

It always makes life that much more fun, to share it with cousins.  What a gift they are!  I grew up barely knowing my few cousins, and practically never seeing them, and I don't take these memories for granted at all.  I love that my kids have all these built in friendships and people who they can share memories with their whole lives through.  Tyler still is great friends with his cousins he grew up with, and I sure hope it's the same for my kids!

There's my boys.  Being awesome.

Lewis is such a love-bug-daddy's-boy.  Kissin' dad and cuddling every chance he gets.  It's the sweetest thing!

These people - they are my faves.  I love spending time with them - they make the simplest things into so much fun.  I'm one lucky woman!


Martie said...

Yes you are. And they are blessed to have you too! In the pig pile of boys, Ben looks like his unca Chris so. much.

I love freckles. Did you know that?? Such beautiful faces!!!!

I'm glad you had a fun adventure!

Martie said...

And cousins are the BEST!!!