a story about James and his imaginary friend who has the funniest name ever

Get a load of this kid.  I mean.

Okay, so all of a sudden about two weeks ago this new person popped into our lives in the form of James' imaginary friend.  His name is Crucio. ( like the torture spell in the Harry Potter books!)

This guy Crucio apparently lives in a house by himself.  It's in Globe, a couple hours away.  Crucio doesn't have parents, and is old enough to drive.

Crucio's house is where James keeps all of his cool big-kid stuff, like his 2 MP3 players, and his multiple DS's and also his x-box.

James loves to tell us about the fun things he's done at Crucio's house.  The 'dad' movies he's watched.  The quads he's ridden on.  Stuff like that.

He always lets James play on his computer.  He also gives James bloody noses and lets him play the Wii all by himself.

His skin is red and his hair is blue.  Yesterday it was black.

He likes to battle.  He also comes back alive when he's dead.

The last couple of days some new friends have joined Crucio - one called Coco, one called Aiten, and some more.

We've had plenty of pretend play in this house, but this is our first imaginary friend.  It's crazy!  He talks about it all so matter-of-fact-ly and it's SO hard to keep a straight face about it all, but it's suck a kick!


Martie said...

Oh, James! You are so flipping adorable! I love your creative mind!

Martie said...

My friend Amy reads your blog and thinks James is the cat's meow. I think so too!!