planting our garden

Memorial Day afternoon found us restless and stir-crazy.  Tyler wasn't working and we wanted to do something.  These are the times we miss living close to family - we loved our times living in Tucson and always having something fun to do with wonderful people.  I know this means we seriously need to step it up in the social department, but we're not the most socially-inclined people, Tyler and I.  True.

We finally decided to head out to a new local country store to look at their seed collection, since we didn't follow through on ordering seeds a few weeks ago like we should have.  We = I, bee-tee-dubs.

We realized really quickly that their seed selection was NOT stuff that we were looking for or that would necessarily do well in our area.  Bummer.  We went to check out another place, but they were closing up.  Then, we remembered good ol' Alco, and went and got a bunch of seeds there.  Not exactly the exciting stuff we had planned on, but a fairly good variety, nonetheless.

When we got home we started planting right away.  All the kids were happy and involved, and they all have their own garden area - Madi planted some flowers, Sam did some zukes, Ben did some green onion and carrots, and James, as always, did the pumpkins.  We also got in cukes and already had our potatoes and garlic planted.  This weekend we'll be putting in some bell and hot pepper starters that'll make up most of our garden.

 Each one of the kids worked hard and happy.  So much so that pretty much all I got to do was coach 'em all on where to put the seeds and how deep and all.

It was awesome.  And so great in contrast to last years' planting.  It was a nightmare - every one of us was pretty livid by the end.  Not a great day!  It's good to know we didn't quash their interest in gardening forever!  Phew!

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Martie said...

I'm loving the great pics. Is the camera working better or did you find another one? I rush on here every day to see your family! Makes me ver' ver' happy. I love the gardening activity! This year we are unable to plant, and I miss it.