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 Here are a few more multi-use worksheets I made a while back that are good for the preschool to kinder ages.

This button page can be used a few ways.  Here are a few, but by no means all the ways it can be used-

Count all the buttons.  Are there more yellow buttons or blue buttons?  Match one yellow button with one blue button.  Are there any left over?  How many buttons are there all together?  Circle each button to practice circles.  Cross out __ yellow buttons.  How many buttons are left?  Cross out __blue buttons.  How many buttons are left?

This bird page also has a few uses -

Which birds match each other? Draw a line between them.  Which birds match each other?  Color them the same color.  Follow my instructions - color one bird RED, color one bird GREEN, color 2 birds YELLOW, color 3 birds BLUE, color 1 bird ORANGE (for color word recognition). Also, it's a great sheet just to be given to a kid, and let them do what they want with it!

Is your child starting to recognize letters and/or the sounds they make?  This is a great sheet with some basic sounds.  You can use it to match the sounded-out word with the image, to color the image, to cut out either the image or the word and paste them on the other, or more.

One thing I love about learning with young kids is how very creative they are.  That's why I don't love a worksheet that can't be adapted or used in multiple ways.  Chances are your kid has an idea for using these that is different than anything I thought of, and their ideas are great and valid, too!

More recently, I've been making my printables already adjusted to an 8x10 page size, but these can still be printed out on and 8x10 with room left up top for them or you to print their name.

I hope you enjoy!

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