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i love my strong, beautiful girl

Here's something I think -

There are a lot of confusing and disturbing things happening in our world.  It's changing rapidly.  Year to year, day to day even, what our world looks like, who it's made up of, it's changing.

I know true things.  It's an incredible blessing.  And it has become incredibly bold to think that, let alone say that.  Moral relativism is, well, it's the way things are these days.  The culture of acceptance and tolerance is so pervasive.  The message is that we should accept anyone and everyone, anything and everything.

So, while my love for another person will never be conditional upon their choices or actions, I still feel obligated to say, strongly, clearly, that the idea that we are our desires, we are our appetites, we are our whims, we are our weaknesses, we are our passions - it's wrong.  We sell ourselves far too short.  We limit our capacities with that thinking.  We become a shadow of who we could be.  A shell.

Only our Father in Heaven knows our true potential, and only in and through Him can we meet it.  We, every one of us, fall short of who we can be in His hands.  But, oh, the goodness of this plan - when we put ourselves, our flawed selves, into His hands, and truly try to live as He would have us live, and follow the example of our Savior, little by little we begin to see glimpses of what He sees.  We see more of who we are, not less.  We see more of our potential.

Truly, and absolutely, when we give up our own selfish and shortsighted desires, we do not lose.  With 100% certainty, I can tell you we have nothing to lose, and every good thing to gain.

I feel the time for boldness, certainty, directness - it's fast approaching.  Do we stand idly by as sacred things are defiled in the name of agency?  Or do we stand for truth and righteousness?  Do we let people we love, souls we cherish, be diminished by the messages of the day, or do we declare their infinite worth, and cling to them with fervent hope and constant love?

And, for me, personally - do I give in to fears, or do I put aside the cares of the world and hold fast to the truths of eternity?

I hope the latter.  I really, truly do.

What do you think?  What do you know?

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Martie said...

I know you're right. And I think you're beautiful, inside and out. Thank you for being you and doing it so well. Much love.