breakfast these days - eggs over-easy, sauteed greens, on a corn tortilla

This is how to start your mornings.  Believe me.  Soooo good.

It's a one-pan meal, which I love, because I'm really REALLY not a morning person, and the thought of even one more dish is enough, I tell you, to just entirely give it all up.

So, get out your frying pan, your cast iron skillet, whatever, and give this a try -

Eggs and Greens on a Corn Tortilla -

2 corn tortillas
2 eggs
2 handfuls of your choice of greens.  I used spinach here.
El Pato hot sauce (or your choice of yummy spicy topping)

- Heat skillet, add a pat of butter to melt, and your corn tortillas.  Fry in butter until beginning to crisp or brown.  Remove from skillet, and plate.

- Add your greens and cook until well cooked. Remove and place on corn tortillas.

- Add another pat of butter and your eggs to the skillet.  Cook your eggs on one side, S and P to taste, gently turn over and cook on the other side.

-Remove eggs from skillet and place on your greens, on top of your tortillas.  Top with hot sauce.

- ENJOY!  It's a healthy, well-balance, delicious, relatively quick and easy breakfast.

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Martie said...

Yummm. Man. I wish. I miss corn tortillas!