Lewis is 9 weeks old - and updates

 Lewis was 9 weeks old when I took these first few(Sunday, the 15th), and just a couple days older with the rest.  He's such a smiley baby, but the poor little guy does not like a lot of the foods I like to eat.  He's had an owie tummy a lot as I've tried to figure out what foods he can and can't handle.  Dairy seems to be a no-no, as well as beans and, oh yeah, many veggies and fruits?  So, I just have to figure out what I CAN eat, because both he and I have voracious appetites!

No baby photo shoot is complete without a sibling getting in on the action.  What can I say?  They love their baby, and they love the camera!

I love this bottom picture because it reminds me of his cousin, Nick, 25 1/2 years ago.  Nick's chubbiness will never be matched, but the blurriness of this one helps.

So, here are some things I may or may not have mentioned in weeks past -

Lewis was Coombs positive.
He has always slept about 6 hours straight at night.
Those two are slightly related.
James calls him, "My baby Wewis."
I've never taken so many baby pictures in my life!
Lewis spits up a lot.  Often, but not huge amounts.
He chokes on his reflux, poor guy!
When Lewis spits up, Benefactor gags and almost throws up.
It both frightens me and makes me laugh like crazy!  Nothing funnier than a gagging 5 year old!
At 6 weeks old, Lewis finally got back up to his birth weight.
Ben likes to scare Lewis and get him to startle.  Meanie!  :)
Lewis demands to be held most of the time.  He only has short little stints being set down.
When he's cuddling mom he's happy!
Could maybe have something to do with the milk on tap.
Lewis loves singing!  When someone sings he gets wide-eyed and mesmerized!

Mads and S.A.M. played basketball this year, and their season ended last week.  They both loved it and were sad for it to be over.  Now the older three are looking forward to soccer - it doesn't start until August!

S.A.M. is almost done making his first pinewood derby car.  The derby is Tuesday, and he's very excited!  Also, Tyler and I are now the Webelos leaders.  It's a lot of fun.  Like Tyler said, it's practically teaching his job to 10 year olds.

Mademoiselle has been lonely recently.  She's been having a hard time with friends, and it makes her very sad.  She's also getting older - 10 1/2 - so if I mention her here less often it's because she values some privacy.  She got the family into the Guardian of Ga'hoole series, and Tyler will read to them for hours most nights.  It's been great.

Benefactor is starting to show more interest in reading and numbers, but still, he's pretty much all about ninjas and swords.  He's very consistent!  He plays with our neighbor's grandson, Connor, almost every day.  For all his toughness and activity, there's nothing that hurts him more than a mean voice. It brings him to instant tears, even when it comes from a two year old.  (He melts my heart when he tells me he loves my beautiful voice - I know it's just beautiful to him because it's filled with love.)

James is determined to do everything.  He cleans and helps, he tried to keep up with the kids' bikes on his trike,  he makes sure lights are on or off and doors are shut - he just likes to run the show!  When Lewis was a couple of weeks old, he got RSV, then croup.  Luckily we somehow kept it from spreading or getting too bad, but there was a long while there when I had a baby in one arm, and a toddler in the other...but not TOO close!

All in all, we're a happy, busy bunch!  We love our little life.  It's not perfect, but it's pretty great.


Martie said...

Those top three pics make me deliriously happy. Lewis has the cutest shaped mouth in the world. Don't you think?

Yes, Nick was very, very, very fat. He probably broke a world record or something.

I love you, M! Good book choice too!

James, good job being a super helper!

Ben, keep shining. You are an awesome big brother ninja dude!

And SAM, I hope you have SO much fun at Pinewood Derby!!!

Katie, this is how you said your name at 4: Taytee Yewis. I have it written in a journal. Also, Peet said his name this way: Peetow Wewis. Lewis is a tough name to say when you're wittle.

I love your family. These updates are a blessing to me!

Martie said...

About the food problems... I'm so sorry! And the Coombs? Bleh. Done that, been there. But what a great sleeper!!

Linsey F said...

There must have been a lot of singing in heaven before our babies came. Baby B loves when we sing to her just like Lewis. You can see it in her eyes. Such sweet spirits in such tiny little bodies.

Your kids are adorable. Growing fast. {I can't believe M is 10 1/2!} Time flies. Dean loves reading to our kids too. Good memories.