The bottom three pictures are Lewis at 8 weeks and 3 days.  He's so happy when he has someone talking to him.  We love his smiles and coos.  The other kids are looking forward to him laughing, and all of them think he "talks" to them - so very sweet!

I know I've mentioned how great S.A.M. is with Lewis.  I think it's because of his inner calmness. He holds him and pat, pat, pats, and Lewis is off to slumberland for a long and cozy nap.That makes for a happy mama.

This last weekend we got to go to Tucson to welcome the kids' youngest uncle home from his mission.  It was such a great weekend!  I hope I always remember how happy and shakey he was to run into his family's arms.  We had a huge family picnic at the park for Easter on Saturday - our second annual.  It's not complete without the humongousest game of tag.  So fun.  Sunday we were all together for Easter dinner and family pictures.  It was just a sweet, simple, happy afternoon together.  Maybe the best ever, all together.

I've decided that the real fun of babies begins at two months.  I adore my newborns, but we've experienced so much worry over the years with our newborns - there have been issues with all but one of our little babies - that it's not been as sweet and carefree a time as it is for some. But, two months old is when they seems to become hearty and chubby and we can rest assured that our baby is starting to really thrive.  It's delightful.

I've been thinking a lot recently about how much heartache there is in this world.  I see so much sorrow and struggle around us, and am so grateful that we have managed to create in our home a haven or peace.  It's not easy - it's come after sacrifice and discipline, and there have been times when the peace has been lacking.  I can't emphasize enough, that as our family has grown older, and as I've seen the beauty and sorrow in other people's lives, that I KNOW that the only source of peace and joy, true and lasting, is based on reading the scriptures and saying prayers, both together as a family and individually.  The blessings of those practices are not to be underestimated!  I only pray that what we've done is foundation enough that our children can remain strong in an increasingly challenging world.  I am so incredibly grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ - for his immeasurable love and what it offers to all of us.

I know I don't often talk of these things here, because they are so dear to my heart, and this is a public place, but it is what my mind is centered on.

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These gifts from heaven above. So precious.