Lewis at 10 weeks and cooking out

Yesterday Lewis turned 10 weeks old.  We celebrated that, and seeing dad for the first time in a few days with a little bit of a cookout.  The kids all got a turn trying to chop wood for the fire, and they shucked the corn.  We cooked steak and corn and meat for the week, while we were at it.  Yum!  (we also had chive mashed potatoes and salad)

The kids are trying to handle this years' chicks a lot more than they have in the past, so they will be more friendly.  Mads is raising them for 4H, and to show well, they need to be friendly!  We think we have a rooster (maybe two!) in the bunch, so that's a little sad for us, since we are NOT going to have a rooster running around our yard.

The weather is absolutely perfect, and it brings me such joy!  I don't get to be out in it as much as I'd like, since the wee little babe does not love the wind, and we are a package deal.  But still, no fires in the house, no shivery mornings, no layers of clothes - I'm a happy girl.


Martie said...

What wonderful pictures!! And happy. It's amazing how old L is. You have a beautiful family and you are very blessed!

Janalee said...

katie - I just watched Heartland - the movie from the book..what's it called? Elinore Stewart, that one. Anyway it was made in 1980 and has a different feel to it. I think you'd really like it. I reflect back on it so it must've left an impression. Oh and the lead guy - Clyde's - real name is Rip Torn. haha.