James is showing off his marker skills - he's recently become a big fan of body art, no matter how often I remind him that his pictures belong on paper.  It all started with a certain older brother's Harry Potter phase.  They begged to have Harry Potter scars on their foreheads, and I was happy to oblige them by drawing little lightning shaped scars up in their hairlines.  So, yeah, it's pretty much my fault.  

There is more than one ultra-loving and proud big brother in our family.  They all look forward to their turns to hold baby Lewis, and they all coo and ahhhh and declare that he is the cutest baby in the whole wide world that there ever was.  I always tell them that they are right - he is pretty darn cute and makes some exceptionally funny faces (see the last post), but there are 5 cutest babies in the whole wide world.  Mads with her abundant dark hair and rosebud lips, S.A.M. with his striking blue eyes and incredibly delicious chubbiness, Benefactor with his happy-go-lucky personality from the very start, full of huge smiles and a twinkling eye, and James with his larger than life brown eyes and incredible sweetness.

Lewis does share one new trait with one of his older siblings - he just lost the front half of his hair yesterday.  All the blondness fell out within just a few minutes in big (for a baby) clumps.  Baby-pattern baldness is what I call it.  Benefactor did the exact same thing at the same age.  The entire crown of his head was shiny bald, while the sides and back of his head kept it's black hair.  So funny.  Lewis's look is much less dramatic since his hair is lighter and shorter already, but still, it makes me laugh.


Martie said...

It makes me laugh too. Especially when it was Demi... pitch black hair in a fringe, just like an old man, and bowling ball bald on top. Man, oh man.

I love the pictures! I love having you back. Everyone looks so old. Could I see the others too, please? I'm a greedy aunt.

Love you muchly.

Martie said...

By the way, you guys make beautiful eyes. Did you ever notice that? All of them are pure perfection.