Here's Lewis at 6 weeks (and 1 day), smiling his little heart out.  We're all over the moon for his tiny little mouth stretching out into a wide, happy smile.  Lewis brings all of us so much joy!  And it brings this mama immeasurable joy to see so much love and adoration between siblings - nothing is sweeter!

 (He's waving to you - hey guys!)

This little one is also getting pretty stinkin' strong, lifting up his head like a pro to look at the world around him.  He's just a teeny, little, super guy. (oooooh, yeah.)

Lewis loves:
big brother S.A.M.'s burping skills.

Lewis hates:
diaper changes.
being put down.
not nursing.
weight checks at the doctor's.(he broke 8 lbs!!)

It's a simple little life, but a sweet one!


Martie said...

Oh KAtie, he is so adorable!! Such darling pictures... thank you! He has a sweet face, much as Braden does. I'm betting he is going to be a sweet, gentle one! I could stare all day. I love it when you update!

Martie said...

S.A.M., I am so glad you're such a great big brother to Lewis. It sounds like you have baby magic. Keep up the great work. I love you!

Aunt M.

MandaMommy said...

Super cute! Miles loves to look at pictures of him.