I had an idea to write all about our two hour drive home last night.  I still might, but not right now.  I have just a minute to tell you how nice it was to listen to music with my family this morning as we all did NOT get on with our morning.  Mads and Tyler hung around the computer discovering some new-to-us music, and the boys played, and I read scriptures for a while, just unable to get up and do all the many trillion  things there are to do.  The biggest reason?  It's COLD and I can't do stuff when it's cold!  I just freeze up, like literally AND figuratively.

So, anyway, I built a fire.  I'm hoping to thaw out enough (literally AND figuratively) to get to work!  At least the sun is shining and it's supposed to get warm today!  Oh, and did I mention I slept under  FOUR blankets last night?  No, I didn't, but I did.

You figure it out.

My brain is frozen.

NOT literally.



P.S. - Plus, also, did I mention that it's cold + I build a fire + it's MAY + I'm an ARIZONAN!  I mean, the maths were never really my thing, but something doesn't add up, or is it me?  

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Martie said...

Crazy ironic. It was 63 here today!!!! Thaw out, darling. And then maybe text me and tell me... you know... what's up. Loves.