My boys are such an unexpected combination.  Each of them are everyday a surprise to me, more individual and complex than I ever could have foreseen.  My boys are wild and sweet, brave and sensitive, oblivious and observant, curious and self-assured, messy and helpful, loving and ferocious, emotional and strong, shy and headstrong, independent and needy, affectionate and violent, rough and admiring, artistic and logical, stoic and vulnerable, faithful and inquisitive.  They are beautiful and complete people, and I have the responsibility to introduce them to this world.

My hope is that if I do it right, they will become kind, loving, able, brave, communicative, stalwart, confident, humble, thoughtful, helpful, hardworking and faithful adults.

(that's a lot of adjectives!)


Martie said...

:O) I hear ya. Isn't it amazing how individual they all are?

Janalee said...

to me, having never met them, your boys look exactly the same. Do you think that too? Do you get that a lot?

I get that once in a while.

Katie Richins said...

Jana, we do get that a lot. There's such a strong family look - people say all our kids look exactly the same. Then they say the kids look just like me. Then they meet Tyler and say they REALLY look just like him. Funny.

Yeah, your boys all look alike to me. Sometimes I forget there's 3 of them, not two. Funny, huh?