So, the "intense week" is winding down.  The intensity hasn't exactly waned, but in time it will.  It sounded so very dramatic when I wrote that earlier in the week, that not one but THREE people were seriously concerned about me because I mentioned it. (smile.)  Truthfully, it was mostly normal.  Nothing much to it, but some mental and emotional exercise, and we're all due our fair share of that from time to time, are we not?  It helps us stretch and learn and grow.

So far we don't have much on tap for the weekend, but possibly a large amount of sorting and organizing in preparation for a yard sale I'm hoping to have next weekend.  Here are some things I enjoyed enough to share with you, my peeps.

A great article about how to TEACH.  Thought provoking, considering this discussion.

I found this website, with seriously the lowest cost clothes I've seen on these interwebs.  It's a mash of things, but, really, 5 dollars for a pretty dress?  That, I can handle.  I haven't ordered anything, but the shipping from China doubles the cost.  But, still, a nice dress for 10 dollars is still pretty gonga, right?

Want to watch a little concert in your living room that will make you feel happy and relaxed and remember a simpler time?  Head over here.

Here's something I could learn from! Watch how working together makes this unexpected group stronger - allows them to survive.  Question : How do they all know to do that?  Instinct is amazing.

Which, seriously, reminds me of this.  If you don't remember this from your childhood, I'm sorry.  Because it's pure awesomeness.

Our educational goals are not so much preparing for college as they are preparing for a fulfilled life.  Even so, here are some things that kids of any age can begin learning about themselves that will help them work toward more independent and lifelong learning.

Would love to some day visit these fields.  Or maybe even just the ones near my parents in northern Washington state.  Beautiful!

I love this, every little part of it - the perfect blend (in my opinion) of earthy and dreamy.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I hope it's sunny!

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Martie said...

TEAMWORK! Holy cow.

The gal in the tulip fields looks like your twin.