Did I ever mention that game playing is one of our biggest family traditions?  Tyler's family plays games, competitively, sillily, loudly, and well into the night, every time they get together.  It's so much fun.

All of our kids like to get in on the games when they can, but S.?  Any moment he thinks dad is free, he's asking to play a game.  There's pretty much nothing he likes more.  After Tyler was done with his meetings today, the kids jumped at the chance to play with him.

 [Oh, and one thing you should know is that we don't go easy on the kids.  We play things that are age-appropriate, but we really play to win.  Good sportsmanship is a must for winners AND losers!]

Here are some of our very favorites -

Preschoolers love Hisss.  So fun, and quick - always a plus with my tiny attention span.

Our school age kids love Mystery Garden, Labyrinth,  Settlers of Catan, and, of course, an old-fashioned game of dominoes or war.

What are your favorite family games?  We love new finds!


Martie said...

Our favorites are ones you play on paper. Our family is a hoot. Lane about loses his mind when we play. Love it. And yes, we are huge gamers too!

Unknown said...

yes, Games are definitley in the genes! :)
Thomas really like blokus... it's a little hard for him at the end, but he's likes it...
Nertz is awesome... again, Thomas is getting the hang of it.
lil kids... hungry hippos, uno, bingo, kerplunk... can't seem to think of others
I have been wanting to teach Thomas how to play chess (great game!!!), but I haven't played in so long since Damond doesn't play, so I have to brush up on my skills(that could even be a good home-school subject... my 6th grade teacher did a Chess section for a couple of months)
Hope you guys have a great trip!:)

MandaMommy said...

Ella just got Don't Spill the Beans for her birthday and the kids really love it (ours and all the neighbors' too).

Unknown said...

I'm just writing to say that I love the "Itchin R's"!!! What a great family!

sheila said...

ha! we love settlers