I hope you have a fun-filled weekend.  We are preparing for a loooong trip to Salt Lake City, to visit family and explore possibilities.  How's that for intriguing?   Here are a few things I've enjoyed recently.

I love this hairstyle.  I'm thinking my hair is too heavy and long, though.

I've been (slowly) working on canvas drop cloth window treatments.  I love this idea for trim.

Seriously considering making these, even though the weather is more spring- than fall-like.  Would go well with the butter and herb rub roasted turkey I cooked up yesterday.

I had M. take a learning style assessment last week.  Here's a great overview.  I was surprised at how true to her the answers were - how much they reaffirmed and clarified how her mind works!

I'm hoping to get some time to watch these.  Always fascinating.

Thanks to my SIL, our family has been completely obsessed with this.

And I have been completely obsessed with this.  So happy!


Peg Lewis said...

I love this post! A great example, among other things. A surprise unfolding. And a great photo to top it off! Great way to start my day.

Real said...

Yeah, X and Wink are always drawing pictures of Aang and Zuko and Avatar Roku. And wink walks around all day saying, "You're Aang. I'm Fire Nation!" Just so you know, whatever obsession you have going on over there will only be magnified here.

Martie said...

Love it! Love you!