So, today is a lay-back day. (You know, in sharp contrast to all those high-speed, power-hungry days I normally have in my life.)

Here are the reasons.

Tyler is out of town. I miss him when he's gone, but it also makes me want to take advantage of the calm. He's a hard-working, energetic, impulsive man, which I adore. And sometimes, like when I'm in my third trimester, those traits make me a little tired. Like 10 hours of sleep at night tired.

Yesterday was kind of stinky. I had an appointment with a state agency and when people treat me like a cow (in the cattle sense, not the large sense) it puzzles me. I mean, I'm pretty great and I think all people should react positively to my amazingness. When they don't, I kind of go into a tailspin. And I think it's safe to assume that hormones may have something to do with this.

It's cloudy and cool outside. There's a gentle breeze and a chance of rain and the temperature is hovering somewhere around 60. Days like this put fuzz in my brain. In a very good way.

S.A.M. has very suddenly started having trouble sleeping. So our half an hour of hang out time around 1am has had a little bit of an effect on me. It's my fault, too, because instead of being an angelic and comforting mom, I kind of got mad after the 3oth "Moo-ooom" and that got me riled up and made it hard to fall back asleep.

So, I thought, in the spirit of laze, I'd let Mademoiselle blog her little heart out for you all this morning. Okay? Okay.

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Unknown said...

Just one of those in a funk days... hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and you'll feel more rested :D