I do love going butterfly catching.
We were up on Mt. Lemmon. We caught some pretty cool butterflies there. I miss going there. It was so fun. We also ate some raspberries on our way.
When we catch butterflies we put them in bags. Then, when you've got a lot, you go home and you freeze them. After a couple days or one night you put little pins in the back of them and then you put them in a little picture frame with a window.
I love having them in the house and they look really beautiful.
My favorite part about catching butterflies is looking at them and feeling their soft wings. Their glitter, the thing that makes them fly, it looks like fairy glitter. I imagine that I'm a fairy and I feel like I'm flying. When I've got that glitter on my finger I wish I could fly.
by, Mademoiselle
(as dictated to mom)


Unknown said...

This was beatiful, M :D I wish I could touch the butterflies you have described so eloquently ;)

Unknown said...

M-- I love collecting butterflies, too, and learning all about them. I think they are amazing. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say about them.

Martie said...

Wow, M! I loved reading this! Thank you for telling us about one of your very special hobbies. I would love for you to show me how to do this someday. I hope sometime soon we can come visit you.

We love you!!!