Here's the news:

He's a he. Our baby is a boy! And all of you who thought you knew he was a she...well, you were wrong. Myself included.

3 boys! Now I need to go find me some more energy to keep up with them all. Anybody seen any extra energy laying around somewhere?


sheila said...

I was going to bed last night and was thinking about your new baby girl then thought, I bet she's having a boy I need to call and find out.
Congrats on the boy!!

Martie said...

Oh boy! As mom of 4 boys in a row, let me tell you that when they're teens, you will be the happiest Momma in the world. They love on you and dote on you and are ever- so-much fun. I know you will be super busy, but I am so excited for you!


Real said...

Yay!! How exciting!

Peg Lewis said...


How wonderful! I hope he gets a perfect name! (hehehehe)

After all, aren't there several boys in a row in your husband's family?

Enough about you. How is Mademoiselle holding up?

Unknown said...

It will be SOOOO cool to have two boys so close together! Oh I am SOOO excited!!!!

Katie Richins said...

Thanks, everyone! We are thrilled, and a little surprised.
Who knows what we'll do about the name thing - there are a lot of boys in the family already, so there are only a few names out there that aren't taken.

Unknown said...

See now that is my fear... another boy! :) j/k sort of :) I love little boys and sometimes I don't think I could handle a girl, but right now there is too much "energy"
congratulations to you guys! You guys do wonderful with boys and girls :)

cfarar said...

Just my luck, I just went through my baby stuff and put all my baby girl stuff together for you that I have left. Boys are awesome, good luck. Keep us posted on everything and thanks for letting us come and hang out. We had a blast. It just makes me want to move to the country.

Suzy Farar said...

Hey Katie! Glad to see you back online! Welcome to the club of a whole lot of boys! Your place sounds like fun, and i'm glad to read that you all are healthy and happy!

Martie said...

I tried to call you a couple of times yesterday at your new number, but I couldn't reach you. It's a crazy week, but I'd love to catch up. Are you settling in well? Do you have a boy name? Since you named one of my sons, I think I should name this one. Deal?

And now that you know it's a boy, do I get to hear your beautiful girl name?

How are the children liking the new house? And Mama?

Miss you much,