My cute daughter, the artist, may be a little confused. Today she painted a still life. A bowl of fruit. Made up out of her pretty little head, and not from an actual bowl of fruit. And she painted it while she was sitting outside. En plein aire. Basically, she painted a plein aire still life.

Mademoiselle bought this fancy watercolor set with her own hard-scavenged money.

She likes to patrol the couch cushions, the shelves... our pockets.

Poor girl can't get anything done without interruption.

I don't know what that feels like.

But look how patiently and gently she keeps Benefactors hand out of the way.

The apple of my eye, in an apple shirt, painting apples.

I just love the amount of concentration she gives her projects.

She gets totally absorbed in them.

In fact, she still hasn't noticed me photographing her!

"Hey, Mads!"


Did I mention I love it when she concentrates so hard?

I do. I love it.


sheila said...

very sweet! What a fantastic little artist!

Martie said...

M, your picture is GORGEOUS! I liked making it really BIG so I could see it better. Right now you're painting again, right? Are you painting outside?



cfarar said...

Congratulations on the job. Keep us posted on where you are going. I have been out of the blog world for a few weeks now, so I am doing a quick check of blogs and hope to be able to post soon. Have a great Thanksgiving. It was great having you here, hope you guys are good.