Some random pictures-

THE Cooper's Hawn for Trogonpete, my baby brother.

The kids playing with fire. It's fun.

And me being pretty much adorable, while holding a napping Benefactor.

P.S (I told Tyler to take a picture of us because it was SO funny that we were matchy-matchy and I just had to document it. But none of the pictures show his navy blue shorts, so the point was kind of lost.)

P.P.S. (Note the bullet hole in the window, and the pealing tinting. What? Your home windows aren't tinted? I'm shocked. And also note the stack of S.A.M.'s laundry that mysteriously is still NOT in his drawers even though it's been 19 hours since I first told him to put it away.)

P.P.P.S. I'm needy. Tell me my kids are cute. See below.


sheila said...

read this in a robot voice

your kids are cute
they are the most amazing and beautiful children I have ever seen. ...but look at there Mama dang girl

call me wink wink
oops I think I left my obnoxious robot voice and just hit on you..dang

robot voice aside I do think you have really cute kids. I'll have to tell you DJ and my conversation about that that we had all the way home from stake conference.

trogonpete said...

Sweet coop. Not as cute as His Beneficience, but nice anyhow.

Katie Richins said...

Alright, you two have my permission to continue to be cool.

As for the rest of you not commenting, your coolness license is revoked. I have that power. And I'm easily provoked into abusing it. Keep that in mind.

Unknown said...

since I am not "cool" I am just going to have to say that they are... I may just have to wait until my coolness factor is reinstated :)

Since I read your mind and know that it has... I know that they come from good genes... your husband comes from a similar genetic line as my husband = I picked Damond for his looks :)
I also know that your children's astounding cuteness comes from you (evidence found in the second picture of you)therefore: a + B has to = CUTE!
I was never good at Geometry, can you tell? :D

Katie Richins said...

Adriana - coolness factor reinstated.

Especially since you complimented our husbands' genetically linked attractiveness, and my part in the whole equation(the ability to contort my face a really big lot). Good form.

About the geometry - I'm math dumb. I could explain further, but I'd only prove my point.