Self-portrait making is just too fun! Throw down a long piece of butcher paper, trace around the kids' bodies, and let them add details to their hearts content.

Mademoiselle added flowers and hearts like bedazzling all over her picture. And really really really long eyelashes.

Benefactor laughed hysterically as I traced him. He's ticklish.

S.A.M. pretty much scribbled. But he's a very talented scribbler. Like Pollack was a talented paint splasher.


Unknown said...

Butcher paper is one of worlds greatest inventions :D

We have had so many good times with ours :)

We are sorry that we missed you guys this weekend. I didn't get Darrens message til Mon :(
Hopefully, I'll be able to do that craft with you and Cody in a couple of weeks. It sounds really cool!

Katie Richins said...

It's a great idea. I'm excited to make it - big Christmas-y plans, you know.

sheila said...

yea fun!
we missed you at the park today but we'll be there next week too.

MandaMommy said...

Yea for tracing on butcher paper! That's what Little did at our little pre/play school yesterday. With LOTS of purple paint.

Martie said...

We love butcher paper too. Where do you get yours?

Your children are so, so cute. I miss you guys.

Katie Richins said...

This is white "Freezer Paper" that we got when Tyler brought home a deer last year. I've used it a lot and there's still a lot left, and the whole box (Reynold's Wrap brand) was $3.something at Wal****.