Mademoiselle had a her first birthday party this year. I mean, it was her seventh birthday, but her first party with guests and invitations and decorations and all of that. And, because she is a typical little girl, she wanted the party to be girly. She decided to have a flower party, and picked red, pink, and purple as her most favoritest colors.

First, guests arrived at 10 (ish) and started to make their party hats. I saw on Design Mom a post about party hats that were made out of newspaper. They were really adorable, but after a couple of tries I decided they wouldn't work for us. So, my twist on the idea was to take the newspaper rectangles, and, well, twist them. I twisted the paper into a tight rope and then made it into an oval that fit like a crown on the girls' heads. They then attached tissue paper flowers I made ahead of time, that had doubled as table decor around the cake in the first picture.

Doesn't Benefactor look both beautiful AND fancy in his flower crown?

After being flower-fied, the girls went out back and planted a monogrammed little terracotta pot with their own flower. I expected to spend about 15 minutes giving all the girls their turns planting, but Tyler doesn't function at the same speed as most humans do. All the girls' flowers were planted in 5 minutes. At most.

That left us with a little party time to burn before having some yummy cake.

So what does a hostess do with 7 excited kids and a little free time? Freeze-dance, of course. I threw on some girly music (Say a Little Prayer for Me, Wishin' and Hopin', that kind of stuff) and told the kids the rules - when the music is playing, dance like crazy, and when the music stops, FREEZE. If you don't freeze, then you're out for that round.

She gets by with a little help from a friend.

Next on the schedule - cake and ice cream! Mademoiselle's Aunt Jamie made this beautiful cake as a gift. She's very talented. I served the cake with cookie-cutter-ed flower shaped ice cream.

After presents were so graciously given and received, the girls gathered back at the table to make their own flower pens. They all needed one-on-one attention to complete their's. The girls drew pictures of flowery things as they waited their turn.

Parents began to arrive, and children left with a real potted flower in one hand, a flowery crown on their heads, and a bouquest of flower pens tied together with garden twine in the other.

Mademoiselle's birthday wish - GRANTED!


Unknown said...

oh, how fun! :D I bet she loved every minute of it!

I had to laugh at the bit about Tyler, because I know that Damond would have done the same thing and I would have started to freak out :) so good thinking!

Was that the My Best Friends Wedding Soundtrack?

Hopefully someday I'll get to throw a flower party :D

cfarar said...

Looks and sounds so cute. Happy Birthday Madeline. Your cake was beautiful! We found your necklace. See you in a few weeks.

Martie said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! We remembered you, but didn't call.
:O( We still love you! I can't believe you're SEVEN!!!!!

What a beautiful birthday! I know you had so much fun!


Aunt Martie

Peg Lewis said...

Oh, what a Perfect Posie Party! I want to come!!!

You have cute kids. That Benefactor guy is looking more like his big brother.

If you're ever traveling northward, we'd love to see you....

Anonymous said...

Wow..!! flowers party is a nice idea.

trogonpete said...