Mademoiselle had been telling us the tooth would come out "today" for weeks. Then she started to get worried. She really wanted the tooth out before her birthday party. She went to bed the night before the party a bit disappointed, but so excited for the next day.
She came running into the living room 10 minutes later. The tooth was out!
She was so excited it took her quite a while to fall asleep. She made sure to show ALL kids and parents next morning as they came to her little flower party.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! I remember loosing my first tooth! It's a very MOMENTOUS moment in life!
What a generous tooth fairy :D Can you send her my way :)

sheila said...

yea! I was so happy to see you today BTW. I am bummed i had to leave early. I am now taking a break from the mountain of dishes and watching High school musical 2 with little E. I hope we can play again soon.