I have a favorite blog, and it's been my secret for a few years. I kept it secret because it was so special to me. It's selfish, but true. But now I'm sharing the secret.
If you haven't read The Nie Nie Dialogues, please do. Stephanie Nielson (Nie Nie) has been a life-changing example to me in real, tangible, day-to-day ways. I love her and I don't even know her. Her family is going through one of the worst nightmares I could ever conceive of right now. (click C Jane's link on my sidebar for more information) I learned of their situation over a month ago, and thoughts of Nie have hovered around me ever since.
One of the reasons I have been scarce recently is because I couldn't wrap my fingers around a post that does justice to the subject. I still haven't.
Read Nie Nie. Love Nie Nie. Then pray for Nie Nie.


Unknown said...

I was reading her blog yesterday and just bawling my eyes out!!!!! Christian's brother is in my ward, so I had been to her blog before, but reading the re-posts just made me realize just how much she valued life and tried her best to enjoy it! ... I will cont. to pray, because she deserves it and much more :)

Martie said...

I have read her for a long time too, and I am sad too. And I keep thinking about her 4 littles ones who must miss her desperately, and I think about how deeply her sisters love her and why. The whole thing is horrible.

I love you!