Dear Papa,

Here are the Christmas pictures you requested of your adorable grandchildren. You're sure to win that office decorating contest with these cute mugs. I hope you enjoy!


Your favorite daughter-in-law


Real said...

Ok, seriously. I was thinking "It's the FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER, for heaven's sakes and you've done all that with your kids ALREADY?" Then I got to the last pics adn realized that was probably Santa's visit from last year. Whew!

Martie said...

Christi and I were commenting on the top picture of M. Her hair is so, so pretty! And wow, has she grown in a year. That's remarkable.

Very cute!

Katie Richins said...

Real - Too funny! Nope, we really haven't gotten to do much so far with the move coming up (in 12 days!).

Martie - Oh, thanks! It's so darn thick and heavy it takes a rake to detangle. Well, not really... But we are growing it out a bit again.
She has grown a lot this year! She'll be so glad you noticed!