Inspired by my nephew's amazing and creative Christmas Wish-list, I thought our kids might enjoy making lists of their own.

Mademoiselle -

Make-up. That's all I want.


hot chocolate


see Mack

play outside


eat pizza

stoynator (??!)

big truck



I would love a couch. And an entertainment armoire. And a couple sets of curtains and a throw rug. And some wall art.

And all of this makes me wonder, what would YOU like for Christmas this year?


Anonymous said...

Dear Santa (Katie), :)
I would like a rotary cutter and mat, piano lessons, and an Alaskan cruise, and peace...
Love, Sandi

Katie Richins said...

Hey, Sandi!

Nice list! I'll get right on it. Once a scholarship pageant contestant, always a scholarship pageant contestant.

Love, Santa

Martie said...

I want to move next door to you.


Martie said...

Cute babies... and cute lists too!


Katie Richins said...


Some things even I can't do.

Love, Santa

Peg Lewis said...

I want to eat my grandchildren - they look yummy.

Here's another part of my list:

I want a good home for my antique cream separator.

I want help making decisions about my new Tucson house, such as window thingies and the like.

I want someone to adopt our barbecue.

I want to build a secret tunnel between Tucson and Anacortes for quick trips.

I want to go on a cheese-tasting tour of Europe, and I'm ok w/ throwing in some buildings, too. To look at.

I would like 50 acres in the Skagit Valley, also.

Thanks, Santa. Since this is a longish list, you can pick your 3 favorites for this year.

Love you! G of All